My daughter, Erin called last night and asked, “Are you getting excited about Rhythm & Roots?” And I should have been excited but the better word would be frazzled. I haven’t written a word on “Why Knox?” in a couple of weeks. It seems like everyday is a scramble. Yesterday I had 2 meeting, taught 2 classes, did one presentation, and saw 5 clients. That was not a normal Wednesday. During that time I had some running email/texts dialogues with Paige, of Station WDVX, and Mary, my publicist. Mary’s working on a book release/charity event set for October but the advertising and tickets sales have to be handled now. WDVX is hosting is “Tennessee Shines” where I’ll be reading a chapter from “Why Bristol?” on the Paramount Stage on opening night. Paige sent me the schedule and I was slotted for 2-3 minutes, which meant I’d have to butcher the chapter to make it short enough or figure out another chapter to read. Frazzled. But Paige found me another 2 minutes and Mary covered some loose ends so alls well that ends well and I slept like a baby last night. So now that it’s Thursday and everything I can think of to do is done,am I excited now? …. Maybe tomorrow

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