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“Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk” back cover

Before he inherited his father’s wolf tooth necklace, Jasper Lilla considered himself to be the most ordinary guy in Boone, North Carolina. He’d have done anything to please Riley Lyons, the girl with the strawberry lip gloss, but why would … Continue reading

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I finished my edits of “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk” this afternoon and got it into the hands of one of my readers and a copy to mail off to Maggie at The wolf Conservation Center in … Continue reading

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Introducing Carol Lilla of “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk”

That’s a picture of Jennifer Connelly from the movie “The Hulk.”  This is how I picture Carol Lilla, Jasper’s older sister by eight years.  She is obviously quite attractive, but she is also unimpressed by anyone impressed by her looks. … Continue reading

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