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“WHY KNOX?” COVER by KENT PAULETTE: the release date is July 19th

The main character for “Why Knox?” is a young female vocalist named Knox DeVilla. I had her personality clearly set in my mind but it was not until the 2012 Floydfest that what she looked like became clear to me. … Continue reading

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“WHY KNOX?” Characters

“Why Knox?” is in the hands of The Book People for formatting. I’ll meet with Cam tomorrow about the back cover, which means I’ll need to make contact with the two people who are mentioned on the back cover. This … Continue reading

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At 2:10 this afternoon, sitting in the balcony of Blackbird Bakery, I finished the second edit of “Why Bristol?”  The first edit was at the end of June just after I finished writing it.  At that time I sent it … Continue reading

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JULY 9th UPDATE: “Why Knox?”

While “Why Bristol?” is still in the hands of readers, “Why Knox?”, the 5th Natasha McMorales Why mystery is sitting at 9350 words.  Eventually there will be four sections, each involving locations and local color from that location.  Section one … Continue reading

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