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“Just when I thought I was done”

That’s me sitting outside KP Duty trying to figure out how to rewrite a chapter of “Why Now?” Yesterday I thought I was done and then something changed…. My schedule opened up today so I was able to get over … Continue reading

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“WHY NOW?” UPDATE: A new subtitle

I just stopped in at the Believe In Bristol office to deliver some Why Mystery novels to Christina and Rene.  They asked how my next novel was coming along…so they got what they deserved…a question.  “My subtitle is too long,” … Continue reading

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“WHY NOW?” @ 32,000 / Bob Barker @ 3,500,000

I finished “Why Now?” Part II early last week.  It’s at 32,000 words. In Part II the number of characters who may have done “it” rose from 3 to 5.  If I can continue to get to Kingsport one full … Continue reading

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WHY NOW? Update: Am I losing control of this novel?

Last Summer I got the inkling of an idea for the next Why mystery.  The idea came from my friend Jack who suggested I do something with Funfest in Kingsport.  Good idea I thought seeing as how I’d pretty well saturated … Continue reading

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I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I like to write on location.  When you write where you writing about you just never know what little things you’ll pick up right there up close and personal.  I would never have known … Continue reading

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MEET “JACK” Alexander Sebastian Stout of “Why Now?”

“Why Now?” (a working title that is subject to change) will feature something new; a new character, Jack, who will be written in the first person. Jack’s real name is Alexander Sebastian Stout Jr. And yes, both he and his … Continue reading

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