It’s Mother’s Day today. So the calender says. I say it is only kind of Mother’s day. This is the day we make a point of appreciating and/or remembering our moms. It is a good thing to do. But there are other days, days that can come any time, when we “appreciate” our moms in ways we may not even notice. When I was a kid I got migranes pretty frequently and my mother would hold my head with a cool washclothe while I crouched over the toilet. Afterwards she would give me a little 7Up and a couple of soda crackers. Now I don’t know what the medicinal value of 7Up is, in fact Ginger Ale is probably better in a lot of ways. But no matter how much better Ginger Ale is, it still cannot bring forward the memory of my mother holding my head. There are just some 7Up days when nothing else will work, and those are Mother’s days too. Thanks mom.

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