Watching Texas A&M beat Alabama yesterday felt strangely familiar. As the story goes it was Thanksgiving Day 1950 and Texas A&M was playing Texas. A&M played Texas every Thanksgiving in those days. I would not be born for another month and a half (January ’51) but I had already been to several games that fall and in the womb I was a 12th man (I once asked my mother if she stood while she was pregnant with me and she said, “If you wanted to see the game you had to stand”). A&M was winning the game with almost no time on the clock when Texas threw a bomb over the heads of the A&M secondary. My father was so upset that A&M did not go into a prevent defense he locked himself in the bathroom. Th Aggies ran the kickoff back for a touchdown but my mother never told him. I think I heard that story a hundred times growing up. And today, for them, I watched A&M play ‘Bama and with 6 minutes to go and a 12 point lead Bama threw a bomb over the Aggie secondary to get within 5 points….THEN they did it again. My father would have been in the bathroom again…..And he would have missed the interception at the goal line to end the game. I’m hoping he saw this one.

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