THE KINDLE CAMPAIGN for Book Two in the Jasper Lilla Saga

jasper-lilla2To promote the release of “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue” I set the price at $0.99 for the first week and for the week prior to that we set the price of “Jasper Lilla and the wolves off Banner Elk” at $0.99.  Normally the Kindle price of these books is $7.99.  To promote these specials bought several Facebook ads, we sent out press releases to nearly twenty news sources and I asked my nearly 3000 Facebook friends to share the ads we posted on  Tuesdays and Thursdays during the campaign.  Fifty-seven Friends participated in the launch by sharing one or more of these ads on their Facebook pages for a total of 99 shares of the 5 ads.  That was wonderful exposure for the books and I so so appreciate everyone who helped.  Five Friends won prizes for participating.  The winners were chosen randomly from all participants.  First prize is a new Kindle e-Reader and that’s going to Todd Hare.  Second prize is 3 Kindle books and that is going to Chrysa Fulchiero.  Three 3rd place winners get a Kindle book each and they are Vickie Moretz, Erin Leslie Kirk, and Pam Cox.  Thanks again and I hope you’ll all help out again in the winter when “Jasper Lilla and the Flight to Boone” is released.

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