The “Natasha” at Manna Bagel

Every Tuesday I have lunch with one of my best friends at Manna Bagel, where I almost always get a “Natasha” sandwich.  I was disappointed yesterday when I found out that they had updated the menu and did not include the sandwich named after my detective.  A reader from Kingsport told me that she had gone in there to get a “Natasha” and didn’t because she did not see it on the menu.  Oh well.  When I stepped up to order my “Natasha” there was a new cashier being trained and the entire staff turned to watch her flinch when I did what they all knew I would do, order something not on the menu. They all had a little harmless fun at her expense and I not only got my sandwich but there is now another person in the universe who will remember the name, “Natahsa.”  So if you go to Manna for a Natasha (an open faced grilled chess with onion and tomato on a jalepeno bagel) then remember – you must order it by name.

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