At 2:10 this afternoon, sitting in the balcony of Blackbird Bakery, I finished the second edit of “Why Bristol?”  The first edit was at the end of June just after I finished writing it.  At that time I sent it to seven readers, two gave me great general feedback and another two went way beyond the call of duty and returned electronic copies with tons of notes and corrections.  They caught a large number of glitches including many timing problems.  Thanks Sarah and thanks Anne.  I’ll bet I used 90% of your suggestions.  Since then I have suggested some tweeks to the cover (which I love) and arranged a postcard mailer to advertise “Why Me?” to 1000 Abingdon readers.  We’ll be at Floydfest over the weekend (doing research for “Why Knox?”) and on Monday afternoon I’ll turn the “Why Bristol?” files over to an editor.

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