“WHY BRISTOL?”: so it begins

I began writing “Why Bristol?” yesterday.  Right away I had to come up with 11 new names so I did what I always do; I drew random scrabble pieces out of a bag.  Then I sat in a Hardees (have you tried the fried bologna biscuits?) and wrote out the back story.  The back story won’t appear in the novel as such, but people are going to die and this is why.  Nattie (Natasha) won’t get involved until after the second murder.  It is the back story that she must “detect” her way back to in order to solve the mystery.  I finished the day by writing the prologue.  So, the word count of “Why Bristol?” now stands at a whopping 682.

Technically “Why Bristol?” began in my mind last spring when I drove down Volunteer Parkway through the maze of vendors setting up for the spring Nascar race at Bristol Motor Speedway.  Since then it has been percolating in the back of my head but I refused to put ink to page while I was still working on “Why Me?” and rewrites of the four books in the “James Prescription” series.

I had been asked if “Why Me?” is darker than the first two Natasha McMorales mysteries and the answer is yes.  (“Why Me?” should be available sometime this fall) So , before anyone asks; “Why Bristol?” is the darkest of the four.

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