“WHY KNOX?” Characters

Why-Knox-Cover-web“Why Knox?” is in the hands of The Book People for formatting. I’ll meet with Cam tomorrow about the back cover, which means I’ll need to make contact with the two people who are mentioned on the back cover. This morning I’m working on the acknowledgement pages. Besides mentioning all the folks who gave me technical support (I haven’t started that list yet, but I’m sure it’s big – I need a lot of help), I needed to list all the real places described but and the names I used. I use 73 names in “Why Knox?”. 11 of those names were real people described as they really are; Alison Krause at Floydfest and Linda the server at Babycakes. I also used another 19 names of real people who allowed me to put words in their mouths. Most of these 19 were described as they really are, but with my alterations. Mark and Steve are really DJ’s at WXBQ, but they weren’t murdered by…(oops, sorry, I can’t tell you that). Trisha Jean, April, Annie, and Lauren are all really female vocalists but what I said happened to them didn’t really happen to them (I can’t tell you that either). Ben Walls really is a photographer but he didn’t really get seduced by Nattie’s mom.

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