That’s me about 6 hours after getting a new right knee. I woke up in the recovery room with that machine moving my leg so All I needed to do was read one of my Christmas presents: “Dean Pan” by Gayle Trent.
The surgery turned out helpful for my writing too. There is a spot in “Why Knox?” in which Nattie gets very confused by the information she is getting on the stalker case she is working on at 2012 Rhythm & Roots. She calls on her old mentor, Hiram Moreland for consultation, but for for plot line reasons he can’t be with her in person. So when I needed an explanation for his absence one appears out of my own life. My knee replacement will be Hiram’s knee replacement. When Nattie will ask him how he was treated at Holston Valley Hospital’s W2 unit. he’ll say, “It was painful, inconvenient, and expensive but since it was necessary anyway it was a joy to be in the hands of people who cared for me like it was a calling.” (I wonder if that means I can write it off?)

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