How about “Why Next?” for the next Natasha McMorales Why mystery? Or should I say Why Not Why Next? Okay, it is a most unappealing title. That’s why. But the first ink to paper moment for the next novel happened today. Some of the ideas have been floating around my head for a while, but I have been fighting them off. I have been fighting them off until today that is. Until I got “Why Knox?” all the way out of me I could not afford to let another novel start growing in the old (and I do mean old) grey matter. But with “Why Knox?” currently in the hands of readers I stopped fighting it off and when I had two cancelations today I cranked out 3 pages of outline, including the back story, Nattie’s entrance into the flow of events, and even the resolution. I do not have a last line yet, nor do I have a prologue. What I do know is that I plan on featuring Kingsport’s Funfest Festival. That idea came from my friend Jack. I also know that it will involve a return to Montepulchiano, Italy for Nattie and possibly Kevin and his new lady friend. Thanks Jack.

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