photo-13Saturday, October 17th was the opening day of the 37th Annual Wooly Worm Festival in Banner Elk, NC.  It’s a fundraiser for the city and virtually every group in town that has a place to sell parking tickets.  Kids of all ages can bring their own wooly worm to race.  The scene pictured here is the stage where the racing takes place.  When the official says go you place your wooly worm at the bottom of a string and the first worm to climb to the top wins.  We didn’t race a worm, although I’d have named mine Natasha McMorales just to hear the announcer yell out her name.  We were there because in “Jasper Lilla and the wolves of Banner Elk” Jasper and Riley go to Banner Elk on the day to meet with Martha Bonhoffer because she had an encounter with the white wolf before Jasper did.

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