IMG_0865It is 5:30 here in St Lucia (at least it was when I wrote this last week) and I’m sitting in front of Josephine’s, the restaurant that will open at 6:00 for coffee and pastry. At 6:00 Tamika will bring me a 3 cup pot of coffee, and then at 6:45 she will bring a 3 cup pot of decafe coffee. Even on the first day I didn’t have to go inside to order or retrieve my coffee, Tamika came to me and asked. On the second day she just knew my routine. That is the kind of service this place is full of. Problem: What if I get used to this? What if I become a lazy slug?

Barb will come down around 7:00 and stake out a nice spot around the pool. At that point the writing will get put away and we swim laps (or should I say lap) before heading into the Bayside for a buffet breakfast. I do manage to fill my own plate, but the least little look around the room will draw the attention of someone who will want to help you. Yesterday Barb asked if today she could get hot water and lemon. ‘No problem’ was the answer (it is always the answer). The server came back with the information that there would be no lemons on the buffet tomorrow. She then handed Barb two limes with instructions about getting them cut. Service.

By 10:00 yesterday we were poolside. Barb read and I wrote and another server came around taking drink orders from the bar. ‘The first one on the blended list,’ I told her. Yesterday I decided to try, in order, everything on the blended drinks list. She brought back a Banana Surprise. It was delicious. The only problem was that as I lay on the lounger on my stomach I had to reach down and lift my glass to get a drink. I actually had the temptation to ask for a 2 foot straw so I would not have to reach down and lift my glass.

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